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Area Attractions

Tárcoles River

Located on the bridge over the Tárcoles River on the Próspero Fernandez highway, better known as “La Costanera”. Crocodiles can be seen, some are up to 3 meters long, this river is one of the most populated by these reptiles in the world. and also the river is very interesting to see herons, monkeys, sloths and of course crocodiles, through natural safaris.


Its beach is very attractive for beach lovers and surfers. In addition to the beach, Jacó has a small tourist town a few meters from the beach and the sea, a good place to find a nightlife.

Carara National Park

The Carara Park, which means “River of Lizards” in the Huetar indigenous language, has a forest that has a great diversity of flora and fauna. Among the most outstanding fauna, we find a great variety of birds, peccaries, horse bear, ocelot, white-faced monkey, and the scarlet macaw.

Mantas Beach

Mantas Beach is a place of gray sand, with gentle waves and trees that will allow you to enjoy the shade. It is located right next to Playa Blanca in Punta Leona.

Blanca Beach

Blanca beach is white sand with crystal clear water, gentle waves and enormous beauty that is located in the area of ​​Punta Leona in Tárcoles, right next to Playa Mantas.

Tárcoles Beach

Located very close to the Tárcoles River, this beach has gray sand, moderate waves and few stones.

Agujas Beach

Agujas is a gray sand beach interspersed with loose stones. Along almost the entire beach the waves are gentle, however there is a spot to surf at certain times of the year. Kayaking is also popular.

Herradura Beach

Herradura beach is gray sand interspersed with small pieces of shell and stone. The Marina Los Sueños is also located here, where you can see dozens of yachts.

Herradura Island

Attractive for divers, it is possible to admire magnificent sites full of colorful fish and marine fauna in the depth of its waters.

Playa Hermosa

It is one of the favorite beaches in Costa Rica for surfing, various competitions are held at the national level.

Bijagual Waterfall

It is located deep in the bowels of the secondary forest in Garabito and is one of the highest waterfalls in our country, with an impressive 200 m total fall.